ASKA A.Ş. was established as a Limited Liability Company in 1999.
In 2000, Sun Queen Beach Hotel was opened.
In 2001, Club Sun Heaven and KleopatraBeste Hotel were also added to the Company. 
In 2004, the ownership of Sultan Pan Hotel was taken over and it was renamed in ASKA Baran. 
In 2008, the superstructure right of Starlice Hotel was taken over and it was renamed in Buse Resort. 
At the end of 2008 season, the management of Club Sun Heaven was dismissed and the management of Costa Hotel was rearranged. 
In 2008, ASKA Ltd. Şti. Was renamed in Aska A.Ş. 
In 2009, the management of Justiniano Hotel was taken over by ASKA (named as Just in Beach one year later). 
Again in 2009, the ownership of Club N Hotel was taken over and it was renamed in ASKA Buket Resort & Spa. 
In 2010, Yuvam Apart next to ASKA Baran Hotel was leased and renewed and put up for sale as ASKA Baran Garden. 
In 2010, the management of Washington Resort Hotel was taken over. 
In the winter season of 2011, the capacity of Buse Resort Hotel was increased. 
In 2011 season, ASKA Hotels continued to provide its services with 8 facilities and 4216 bed capacities. 
In 2012, the construction of Lara Resort & Spa Hotel in LARA-KUNDU Kemerağzı area began November 2nd. As soon it was over, this 5-star hotel featuring 545 rooms was opened in spring of 2014.
In 2015, ASKA Germany GmbH was established and the ownership of President Hotel in Berlin was taken ower. 
In 2016, ASKA Hotels created a new sub brand "Eight Days Hotels" and opened Eightdays Hotel İstanbul in Sütlüce/İstanbul. 
In 2017, ASKA River Suites in Antalya Kundu region opened.
In 2019, ASKA Hotels taken over Grand Prestige Hotel and started to operate the facility as ASKA Grand Prestige Hotel.
Since 2019, ASKA Hotels continues to operate as 6 hotels.

Trade Registry Number 
Trade Name 
Aska Gıda Teks. Kuy. Eml. İnş. Tur. Tic. A. Ş. 
Kemerağzı Mah.Tesisler Cad. No :399 C Blok/1 Aksu Antalya
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Ramazan Aslan
Subscribed Capital
TRY 44.500.000,00 
Paid Capital 
TRY 44.500.000,00