Quality policy


As Aska Lara Resort & SPA; we have established a system for prioritizing the demands and expectations of our guests and other stakeholders, increasing the feeling of confidence of guests, making progress towards institutionalization, having an effective management approach for service planning and quick solution of problems, and increasing the motivation and enthusiasm of employees to make sure that our guests are properly served, and we have committed to

·         Being prepared for the events that will influence organizational processes and giving response as planned beforehand in case of a possible service failure,

·         Making sure that revisions are done continuously in line with the quality objectives,

·         Organizing training sessions so that the system can be internalized by employees,

·         Fulfilling applicable requirements,

·         Continuously improving the organizational processes so that system dynamism is maintained.

·         Providing the resources required for the studies to be done when managing our activities.


Date of Issue: 07.06.2019

Revision number: 03