Environmental Policy


The primary goal of ASKA Lara Resort & SPA in establishing an Environmental Management System was to take a step towards leaving a habitable environment to the next generations. In order to achieve this goal, we have committed to;

·         Performing our activities in accordance with international standards and legal legislations in order to contribute to environmental protection,

·         Making efficient use of energy and natural resources when performing our activities,

·         Sorting out the wastes to contribute to recycling in order to prevent environmental pollution,

·         Preventing noise pollution by keeping noise level within limit values or making sound insulation,

·         Keeping emission values within the limits as specified by legislation,

·         Organizing training sessions in order to increase environmental awareness of our employees,

·         Controlling the quality and quantity of our activities and continuously improving the system,

·         Conducting various projects (Blue Flag, Green Key Award, Greening Hotels etc.) together with different organizations and institutions in order to increase the environmental sensitivity of our stakeholders,

·         Increasing awareness by involving all stakeholders in our environmental applications and meeting the expectations of our stakeholders.


Date of Issue: 07.06.2019

Revision number: 03